The College has launched career Counselling cell for the benefit of the students. The Cell’s primary objective is to provide the much needed life skills to students.

Career counselling cell at GNIT has been proven a dispensation of well-informed and interested teachers who support the students in the development of soft skills and communication ability to challenge the toughness of competitive tests. The cell aims at inculcating social values, an ability to think independently for carrying out social responsibilities.

Career Counselling is a life long process since an individual chooses an occupation, prepare for it, and mark distinctive achievements in it. Career Counselling cell with its proficient faculty members exerts hard to comprehend their interest, selection of their branch, formation of their study habit and make them progress in those subject and activities and attaining the ultimate aim of getting desirable opportunities to shape career as per their wish.

Cell works as a platform of support-service for the students in developing their soft skills, communication ability and personality development and confidence to perform better, so that they may meet with the challenges and standards of competitive examinations. For achieving its objectives the Career Counselling Cell conducts seminars and workshops at regular interval. Resource Person is invited to deliver lectures and impart one- on-one guidance and counselling to the students.