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GNI Nagpur is now focusing more on research programs and need based technology. Accordingly, Research and Development Cell (R& D Cell) is established at organization level to coordinate the working of two engineering colleges at central level. R & D Cell is headed by Dr. G.D. Awchat. It has advisory board consisting of CEO, GNI, Principal, GNIET & Principal, GNIT. The cell administrators all the research activities by monitoring and coordinating among various disciplines.

The R & D Cell at Guru Nanak Institutions has active involvement of faculty and students in research activities like technical seminar, technical workshop and technical training etc. Through continuous up gradation of academic infrastructure, laboratory development, active interaction with industry, the institute promotes conducive learning environment and productive research in every discipline that it offers. GNI Nagpur offers highly developed facilities for research in several areas of Science and Technology, Engineering Management, Humanities and other interdisciplinary fields.

The objective of Research & Development Cell is to make the in house faculty member thoughtful to carry out research work in different domain through the research schemes available with various Government and funding agencies and to provide financial assistance/grants for carrying out research in respective domain. The faculty members are motivated to plan, arrange and execute various technical events i.e. technical workshop, seminar and training by the in house faculty members in order to explore skills acquired by them. R&D Cell put sincere steps to invite eminent technical persons in the college campus to enlighten and motivate faculty members.

Recently an Intellectual Property Rights/Patents awareness program was conducted by Mrs. Chhaya Satpute, Senior Documentation Officer, Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Intellectual Property Management, Nagpur  at GNI Campus. The main objective of this program was to convey the rules and procedure to be followed to submit any proposal for patent registration. She also explained about copyrights and trademarks registration procedure. GNI is organizing such events for the overall development of faculty members towards research perspective & opportunities.

The students are greatly benefited by the R&D Cell that assist them to contribute and benefit from the advances in knowledge frontiers, which helps generate state-of-the -art technologies responding to the need of the country.

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  1. To guide, mentor, counsel and support faculty members & students to develop a focused research attitude.
  2. To pursue higher education after post graduation.
  3. To bring quality outcome of research work in the form of paper publications in International Journals/National Journals/Seminars & to convert it in patents.
  4. To keep updating with latest trends and technologies available in the Engineering and Technology.
  5. To provide research platform through MoU, tie-ups.

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