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Department Overview

Highly qualified professionals dealing in heat energy are needed every day as all industrial enterprises and citizens need light and heat. The ME in Heat Power trains students to develop the techniques and technologies applied to heat power in the modern world. Students learn the theories of heat energy conversion through use of appropriate equipment. Our aim is to enable students to face the ever challenging industrial fields by way of inputs in theoretical and practical subjects which include a strong base of IT and IT enabled subjects.

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Acquire knowledge of HEAT POWER Engineering and be able to discriminate, evaluate, analyze and integrate existing and new knowledge. Be able to critically analyze and carry out independent research on complex problems of HEAT POWER Engineering.

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In heat ventilation and air conditioning systems, heat transfer enhancement projects, solar power plants projects, thermal power plants projects, internal combustion engines projects, cryogenics projects, thermal energy storage projects.

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  1. Teaching field
  2. Researcher
  3. Heat exchanger
  4. Power plant operator
  5. PWD
  6. Defence
  7. Application engineer
  8. Independent consultant
  9. Mechanical design engineer
  10. Mechanical/sales engineer
  11. Lecturer
  12. Junior/Assistant/Executive Engineer

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1 Mr. Narendra Wadaskar HOD / Asst. Professor BE, M-Tech
2 Mr. Suyog Bhajankar Asst. Professor BE, M.Tech
3 Mr. Sulas Borkar Asst. Professor BE, M-Tech
4 Mr. Arvind Wadgure Asst. Professor BE, M.Tech

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