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Department Overview

The Department of Information Technology flourished in the academic year 2007 .The department comprise of well qualified, dedicated faculty members cater to the need of the students.The Department emphasizes on Information Security, Image Processing, Software Engineering, Optical and Mobile Networks, Data Mining, Web Technology and several other recent topic .We facilitate the students to become an engineer ingenious in hardware and software solution with the greatest degree of Accuracy, Flexibility, Mobility based on latest Engineering & Technology paradigm.

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The department aims at building and developing IT skills,to shape the most enterprising IT leaders of the future and to makes the student aware of the various aspects of the IT sector.

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  1. Application Developer
  2. System Analyst
  3. Database Administrator
  4. Technical Support Specialist
  5. Database Analyst
  6. Information Security Specialist
  7. Network Administrator
  8. Web Administrator/Web Master
  9. Web Developer
  10. Network Specialist Information
  11. Network Operator
  12. Analyst Researcher
  13. Information Security Administrator

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  1. Advance Computer Lab 1
  2. Advance Computer Lab 2
  3. Research & Development Lab
  4. Digital Electronic Lab

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1 Ms. Supriya Sawwashere HOD / Asst. Professor BE, M.Tech
2 Ms. Dipali Pethe Asst. Professor BE, M.Tech
3 Mr. Gaurav Malode Asst. Professor BE, M.Tech
4 Ms. Minal Ukinkar Asst. Professor BE, M.Tech

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